Musical Fidelity M6 PRX

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... "The overall presentation is relaxed, yet incisive, with a refined authoritative quality – as though the amplifier was in complete control and completely unfazed by whatever demands might be made by the music." ...

... "So here's a combination costing around £5k that challenges those amplifiers selling for two or three times its price" ...

... "You'll search far and wide that combines the M6's tonal accuracy and neutrality with ample power." ...

... "For those wanting a powerful high-end amp at a realistic price, this is a fantastic package" ...



... "A stunning rendition of the vocals by Ray Gelato and guest star Claire Martin, silky smooth, natural, and highly realistic. The band was beautifully portrayed in space, punchy bass, real zing on the drums, and the amplifier had no problems deconstructing the playing to reveal layers I hadn't heard before." ...

... "Like most Musical Fidelity amplifiers distortion was very low even at high frequencies. The M6 is a massively powerful but clean amplifier that delivers current with considerable ease." ...




Effekt: 260 Watts per kanal I 8 Ohms (24 dBW)


Utgångsspänning: 46 Volts RMS, 20Hz to 20 kHz; början till klippning (130 Volts peak - peak)


Strömkapacitet: peak - peak 140 Amps


Dämpfaktor: 210


Utgångstransistorer: 4 par per kanal


THD + Brus: <0.007% typiskt, 20 Hz till 20 kHz


Signal / brusförhållande: >120 dB 'A'-vägt


Ingångsimpedans: 50 kΩ


Frekvensomfång: +0, –1dB, 10Hz till 100 kHz


Anslutningar: Line in 1 par XLR (balanserade), 2 par line in RCA, Line ut, 1 par RCA


Högtalarterminaler: 4 par 4mm banan - kontakt


Matningsspänning: 115/230VAC 50/60Hz, 100VAC 50/60Hz


Effektförbrukning: 750 Watts maximum


Vikt utan kartong: 19.7 kg


Vikt med kartong: 24.4 kg


Dimensioner (W x H x D): 440 x 125 x 390 mm