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... "It's best described as clean, open and detailed, with a pleasant lilting musicality, underlined by a strong backbone" ...


... "It's a very mature and polished performer" ...


... "Detailed, insightful yet engaging rhythmic sonic nature continued up into the high midband and treble" ...


... "There's real atmosphere to the treble, yet silkiness and subtlety too" ...


... "The M3 CD's spacious midband, and satisfying tonality" ...


... "The Musical Fidelity sounded refined and elegant" ...




Utgångsimpedans: 50 ohms


Utgångsnivå: digitalt 0dB RCA ut- 2.2V r.m.s. nominellt

DAC: 24 bit Delta-Sigma (bit stream) dubbel diferentiell 8x over-sampling


Totalt Korrelerat jitter: <135 picosec. peak - peak


Linjäritet: <0.1dB down to -96dB


Frekvensomfång: 10Hz to 20 kHz -0.2dB max.


Kanalseparation: >105dB 20 Hz to 20 kHz


Signal/brus - förhållande: >117dB "a"- wtd.


Total harmonisk distortion: <0.003% 10Hz to 20 kHz

Anslutningar: 1 par line level RCA connectors

Digitala utgångar: 1 RCA coaxial SPDIF, 1 TOSLINK optisk

Matningsspänning: 115/230VAC 50/60Hz / 100VAC 50/60Hz


Strömförbrukning: 20 Watts maximum


Vikt: 6.65 kg


Vikt i kartong: 10.5 kg


Dimensioner (W x H x D): 440 x 100 x 100 mm