Musical Fidelity Hörlurar

I höst presenterar Musical Fidelity ett flertal hörlurar, bl. a en "Ear Bud" (minihörlur), samt 2 st "normala" hörlurar (sistnämnda kommer senare i höst). EB 50 har en unik konstruktion. Mycket avancerad teknik & hög byggkvalitet borgar för något mycket speciellt ljudmässigt.


Linjalrak frekvensgång, extrem dynamik och en djup, ren och snabb basåtergivning.


EB 50 finns i lager, övriga hörlurar får vi återkomma till när de finns för leverans.


EB 50 har fått ett otal unika tester runt om i världen. De har fått lysande kritik 100 tusentals tidningar vilket vittnat stort om de unika egenskaperna denna unika hörlur besitter.


OBS! Om konstruktionen av EB 50 se text längre ner (på Engelska än så länge).

Frekvensomfång 50 - 20, 000,00 KHz
Frekvensomfång 50 - 20, 000,00 KHz
  • EB-50 Performance Overview
  • The EB-50s were designed to achieve studio monitor performance. Wide bandwidth, virtually flat frequency response, very low distortion, and excellent dynamic range. The EB-50s use balanced armature technology. Most headphones use standard loudspeaker style moving coil technology. Balanced Armature is different. It has less distortion, less inertia and generally better technical performance. Frequency response chart illustrating the EB-50s virtually ruler flat performance.
  • Design Background
  • The two most important factors for the in-ear headphone design are the drive unit and housing. The EB-50 uses high performance balanced amature drive units. MF has made many modifications so that they give that subtle, refined and punchy MF sound. The housing is a multi layer, anti resonant assembly which allows the drive unit to deliver its maximum potential.We do not claim to be breaking any new technological ground but our extreme attention to fine implementation details yields outstanding sonic and technical performance, far better than all the obvious competition.
  • Sonic Characteristics
  • It is always difficult to describe sound but I will do my best. If you liken headphones to loud speakers, then the comparison between the EB-50s and other headphones is similar to a comparison between bipolar electrostatic loudspeakers and standard moving coil technology. I am sure you have all heard that difference. The electrostatic sounds light, airy and delicate with astonishing detail and sense of presence. By contrast a good moving coil loud speaker has a 'heavier' sound without the exquisite clarity and delicacy but with more 'heft' in the bass. The EB-50s measured performance shows that it has a virtually perfect bass response but it is in no way boomy or colored. Its sound quality is delicate and refined. When a bass note comes along it is produced with no coloration or overhang. Very similar to an ultra-high quality electrostatic loudspeaker system.
  • General Points
  • All in-ear phones depend on an excellent ear canal seal to achieve their full bass potential. It is vital that you and the consumer use the right size ear tips to get a proper seal. Again....if the ear canal seal is not excellent then headphone will not work properly.The EB-50s are MF's first step to moving its center of gravity away from hardcore audiophile to high quality headphones and headphone accessories. Musical Fidelity is a global brand. Very small, but nevertheless a global brand. We would like to use our huge audio heritage, authenticity and reputation to move into a different market area. The EB-50s are the first step on this long path. From all our perspectives we must widen the number of dealerships, use Musical Fidelity's considerable reputation to move us into new distribution channels.
  • The Future
  • During 2013, we will be introducing a complete line up of ultra-high quality headphones. There will also be a range of headphone electronics to match with these products. This will give us all the substantial opportunity for multiple promotions and other commercial incentives.

För att gå vidare till teknisk info och utförande för respektive modell så klickar du på länkarna uppe till vänster!