AMS 35i Integrerad

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... "It's still head and shoulders above most people's conception of their 'dream' integrated amplifier, such is its useable power, expansive soundstaging, wonderful 'hear through' clarity and fine filigree detail. It's the great, innate across the board." ...

... "The musical Fidelity AMS35i treads a skilful path, offering a good deal of the speed and liquidity of tubes with the insight and grip of a top transistor design. It's an infectious and totally arresting combination" ...


... "The AMS35i sounded beautiful. There's a smoothness, delicacy and warmth to this amplifier that I haven't heard outside of a valve amplifier" ...




... "The sound was superbly pure and accurate" ...

... "The sound was incredibly life-like" ...

... "Detailing extended up far beyond audibility, but with top-end extension came an almost surreal smoothness to the higher frequencies" ...

... "The stereo staging of the AMS35i was marvellous, so that not only was the left/right imaging precise and razor-sharp, the depth and height of the images were also tangible" ...

... "The Musical Fidelity AMS35i is very big, very heavy, very hot, and very expensive...but it sounds absolutely glorious and, thanks to its Class A design, completely different to the great majority of amplifiers that are currently available, irrespective of their price or their power output capability" ...




Uteffekt: 35 Watts per kanal i 8 Ohms (15.5dBW),


Utgångsspänning: 17 Volt RMS 20Hz till 20 kHz


Utgångsspänning: 47 Volt Peak - peak


Strömkapacitet: peak - peak 20 Amps


Dämpfaktor: 130


Utgångstransistorer: 2 par per kanal


THD + brus (balanserat in): < 0.014% ovägt, 20Hz till 20 kHz


Signal / brusförhållande: > 96dB 'A'-vägt


Ingångsimpedans: 40 k Ω


Frekvensomfång: 10 Hz till 50 kHz, +0, -1dB


Anslutningar in: 1 par line XLR (balanserat), 4 par line RCA


Anslutningar ut: 1 par line RCA fast nivå


Anslutningar pre out: 1 par line RCA


Anslutningar högtalare: 2 par 4mm banan banan - kontakter


Matningsspänning:115/230VAC 50/60Hz, 100VAC 50/60Hz


Effektförbrukning: 330 Watts kontinuerligt


Vikt utan kartong: 28.3 kg


Vikt med kartong: 33 kg


Dimensioner (W x H x D): 483 x 148 x 475 mm


Tillbehör: Fjärrkontroll i metall, nätkabel